Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get All Endings (2024)

Hogwarts Legacy has three main endings for players to discover in addition to Sebastian's dialogue choices which change how his companion quest line ends. Hogwarts Legacy includes a good ending, a bad one, and a universal final end scene for both "good" or "bad" dialogue pathways.

Players must first complete all four Keeper trials in the main story before they can access a main story quest, The Final Repository. This quest contains the good and the bad endings, with Hogwarts Legacy's ending affected by player choices to a certain extent. Players must also defeat Ranrok during the quest before they can view their chosen ending cutscene. Players should be aware that significant spoilers lie ahead.

How To Get Hogwarts Legacy's Good Ending

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get All Endings (1)

Although Hogwarts Legacy has no morality system, one crucial dialogue option during The Final Repository quest dictates the ending players get before the final ending. This takes place after Professor Fig asks players what they plan to do with the Repository. To get the "good" ending, players should respond, "I intend to keep it contained here." The second dialogue option has no impact, so players can choose either response to see the good one: "I intend to keep it hidden forever" or "I intend to keep it a secret for now."

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After players defeat Ranrok, a cut scene triggers, showing players containing the Repository's power, followed by an injured Professor Fig, one of Hogwarts Legacy's best professors. The cutscene returns to the Great Hall at Hogwarts, where Professor Black gives a speech. Here players will also take part in a conversation with either Sebastian or Ominis, depending upon their earlier Sebastian choices in the side quest called In The Shadow of Fate.

How To Get Hogwarts Legacy's Bad Ending

To get the "bad ending," players should select the second dialogue option stating"I intend to open it" when Fig asks what players will do with the Repository. This option opens up three additional dialogue responses. If players select the first option agreeing with Professor Fig, "You're right," they'll redact their initial choice and see the good ending. Therefore, players who want to receive the bad ending should select either the second or third dialogue choices:

  • "This power should not be kept from the world."
  • 'I want the power for myself."

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After players beat Ranrok, the evil ending activates, showing a clip of the player absorbing the Repository's ancient power and grinning before presumably containing it for future use. It doesn't seem there's anyone else to watch this unfold, and it's left unclear what the impact of this action will be. The scene returns to the same cutscene at Hogwarts that follows the good ending.

Hogwarts Legacy's Universal True Ending

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get All Endings (3)

Regardless of whether players choose the good or bad ending, the main story quest has a final, true end for all players in the last mission called The House Cup, which is accessible once players reach level 34. Players visit the Great Hall to hear the outcome of which Hogwarts House has won the Cup for the school year. They will receive 100 points to lead their House to victory owing to their role in stopping Ranrok. The ending also contains a short series of clips of some other classes in the year, and players even get to see students facing a Boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

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However, Hogwarts Legacy's ending leaves some lingering questions, including why everyone seems to be celebrating even if players opened the Repository, though it's presumed this is kept secret. The presence of unanswered questions also puts a question mark over what legacy players leave behind for the school and the wider magical community, though perhaps that remains to be seen in potential future DLC or content.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. PS4 and Xbox One versions are due for release on April 4 and July 25 for Nintendo Switch.

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get All Endings (2024)


Is there multiple endings to Hogwarts Legacy? ›

There are a total of 3 possible Endings in Hogwarts Legacy that players can achieve.

How do you get the secret ending in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

To achieve the true ending of Hogwarts Legacy, the player needs to complete The House Cup main quest and win the House Cup award at the end of the year. The House Cup quest becomes available at level 34 and is the true final chapter of the game.

How do you trigger different endings in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Hogwarts Legacy: How to choose the right ending
  1. If you answer “I intend to keep it contained here” then you'll trigger the Good Ending. ...
  2. If you answer “I intend to open it” and then choose anything except “You're right,” then you'll trigger the Bad Ending.
Mar 9, 2023

Can you get an evil ending in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Yes, the game has multiple ending. You have two "basic" endings - a good ending and an evil ending, but what ending you get is decided with just one single question at the end of the game. Anything you do before has no significance at all in that regard. Even learning the curses or using them has little effect.

Can you save Professor Fig? ›

You can chose to contain or control the reserves of dark magic the Keepers are sworn to protect. Any option you chose results in the same boss fight against Ranrok, and Professor Fig dying. There's no way to save him even if you made the “good” decisions.

Is Professor Fig going to betray me? ›

He tries to keep all these adventures secret from the other professors for obvious reasons. Then he would betray you right at the climax when you get to the repository and try to steal the power for himself.

Is there a point of no return in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

If you're wondering if you can carry on playing and mop up your unfinished side quests after the Hogwarts Legacy ending, you're in luck – this game does not have a 'point of no return' mechanic. You can keep playing after the ending until your heart is content.

Should I keep it a secret for now or forever Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Choosing "I intend to keep it contained here" causes Fig to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your plan is to keep it contained and not repeat the mistakes of Isidora, and you can then choose whether to keep it a secret "for now" or "forever". Regardless of your choice here, Fig agrees this is the right path.

What happens if you don't turn Sebastian in? ›

He will be taken to the Ministry of Magic to face justice. If you choose not to turn Sebastian in, he will remain at Hogwarts and get away with murder (literally). If he hasn't already taught you the Unforgivable Curses, you can chat to him later and he'll teach you them.

Can you go to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Only Hufflepuff Students Can Go To Azkaban In Hogwarts Legacy. To get into Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy, players must join Hufflepuff at the start of their playthrough, as the prison can only be accessed through Hufflepuff's House exclusive quest.

Is it possible to 100 Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Dedicated Hogwarts Legacy Player Gets 100% Completion With Every House. An incredibly dedicated Hogwarts Legacy player manages to get 100% completion on four different playthroughs, one with each of the Hogwarts houses.

What happens if you turn Sebastian in? ›

Turning in Sebastian will result in his being expelled from Hogwarts. As a result, he won't be available in quests at the end of the game and won't be in the epilogue. Instead, Ominis Gaunt will take Sebastian Sallow's place in the “In the Shadow of Friendship” quest line.

What is the true ending in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Hogwarts Legacy's Universal True Ending

Players visit the Great Hall to hear the outcome of which Hogwarts House has won the Cup for the school year. They will receive 100 points to lead their House to victory owing to their role in stopping Ranrok.

Is it better to be good or evil in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

While there is an evil outcome among the several endings in Hogwarts Legacy, for some odd reason, the dark spells themselves have no impact on the progression of the story or the world in any way (apart from the remarks from companions and NPCs).

Should you turn in Sebastian or not? ›

The character has an interesting story path in Hogwarts Legacy revolving around his family and past, so you would be missing out on a compelling narrative if you turn him in. If you do turn Sebastian in, it will lock out additional content that could extend your time in the Wizarding World's darker side.

Can you keep playing Hogwarts Legacy after true ending? ›

You can keep playing after the ending until your heart is content. After you take down Rookwood and Ranrok, you will return to your Hogwarts Legacy common room and see the message above. It says that you are now free to continue any side quests that take your fancy.

Are there different storylines in Hogwarts Legacy? ›

Differences Between Hogwarts Legacy Houses

There are four houses you can join in Hogwarts, and while each house is distinct, it's important to note that aside from a single main quest, much of what you experience will be the same no matter which house you choose.

Can you continue playing Hogwarts Legacy after finishing the main story? ›

Those wondering what to do after finishing the main story in Hogwarts Legacy need worry not, as the game has plenty of post-game content for players.


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